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SUNLIGHT | Traction chargers


We offer a wide variety of industrial chargers which have been specially designed in order to recharge low, medium and high capacity traction batteries, thus ensuring their correct operation and long life span.

Our product range includes single phase (CEMB 30 series, ECO series, COMPACT 30 series) and three phase chargers (COMPACT 30 series, DIGIT 3001 AIRLIFT series, SIRIUS series, EAGLE High Frequency Series and SIRIUS CHOPPER High Frequency Series).

Quality Features & Product Benefits
  •  Compact design
  •  High power factor and efficiency
  •  Optimum charging factor based on battery's remaining capacity
  •  Protection from wrong connection
  •  Easy to install and to use
Τechnical Features
  •  Single phase or three phase power supply
  •  Fully programmable and automatic charging profile (depending on the model)
  •  Available multiple charging profiles for different battery technologies
  •  Conformity to EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3 concerning the Electromagnetic Compatibility
     generic standards (EMC)
  •  Automatic or manual equalization charging
  •  Fully automatic operation for charger's reset and start-up
  •  Charge time delay
  •  LED display which shows charge status and fault conditions
  •  Memory on last charges (available on specific models)
Added Value Services
  •  Τechnical support
  •  Training